10 Best Rock Drummers Of All Time

The technicians behind the skins.

Charles Sykes/AP

Drummers tend to be given a bad reputation in the world of rock music. When not making jokes about their intelligence level, many rock fans find it somewhat amusing that drummers get paid loads of money to what amounts to essentially banging surfaces all day.

On the other side of the spectrum, it's not about how you hit the drums but how you turn each hit into something more musical than just keeping a beat. Throughout the years, many drummers have come to the forefront of rock music and blew away the competition with their expertise with two sticks.

The key to any good drummer is how you give each musical piece the drive that it needs to be brought across to the audience. A band could write one of the greatest songs in the rock canon, but without the drums, the song wouldn't have a beating heart. Even though the singer is a band's voice and the guitar is a band's soul, the drums always tend to be the band's muscle. The best of these drummers deliver their strength to turn these band's songs from big to gargantuan.

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