10 Best Rock Drummers Of All Time

10. Lars Ulrich

In thrash metal's glory days, Lars Ulrich was the Danish transplant who single-handedly gave birth to the band known as Metallica. With his lightning-fast drumming style, Ulrich took modern heavy metal and injected it with the aggression of Motorhead.

I will contest and say Lars' style has fluctuated throughout the years on the live stage, but each Metallica record always showcases some of the greatest thrash workouts that any drummer would dare to undertake. Even when the fills weren't quite as manic in the band's 90's material, Ulrich developed a drum sound on The Black Album that sounded like the snare was being beaten with the might of Thor's hammer. While not behind the kit, Ulrich also acts as an overseer of arrangements to make sure every Metallica track brings the pain as hard as it can.

There are many great thrash drummers that rose to prominence around the same time such as Slayer madman Dave Lombardo or Anthrax's Charlie Benante, but Lars' pedigree stretches just a bit higher. For many young musicians, Lars' work in Metallica is what made them love heavy metal music and want to pick up two sticks of their own, which is more than worthy of a metal god accolade.

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