10 Best Rock Guitarists Of The 1960s

9. Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck is one of those guitar players that gets cited by all the greats for being one of the most influential and under appreciated in the game.

As was the going thing in the 1960s, Jeff Beck was in a number of bands with a plethora of well known musicians. Listing the early groups Beck was apart of would be like reciting a scene from Spinal Tap, so let's just say he was in a good few. He eventually replaced Eric Clapton as a guitarist for the Yardbirds, joining non-other then Jimmy Page to develop a distinctly fuzzy and distorted tone.

Beck went on to form the Jeff Beck Group in '67, pulling in Rod Stewart on vocals and and Ronnie Wood on bass. In the early days rock bands felt more akin to football clubs, with musicians constantly being traded and swapped out. It certainly sheds light on how the rock sound of that era was able to develop so quickly, all these guys were jamming, borrowing and stealing from each other.

He's a figure that was far more influential than most people give him credit for. All you have to do is listen to others talk about him to start realising this guys contribution to the guitar.

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