10 Best Rock Music Videos Of 2023 (So Far)

This year has produced some epic videos, but which will we still be talking about come December?

Fall Out Boy Hold Me Like A Grudge
Fueled By Ramen

Music videos find themselves in a weird spot in 2023.

With the demise of conventional television and the rise of streaming, a new video dropping doesn't feel like the same seismic event that it used to.

Whilst big bands still get millions of views on YouTube, videos just don't feel as special anymore and it's hard to imagine anything new going on to become a classic. However, that doesn't mean that people aren't still trying.

In recent years, we have seen some great (if underappreciated) music videos from huge names and newcomers alike. Rock music is no exception to this statement, as evidenced by the ten short films on this list.

Some of these videos are visually stunning with cinema-level direction and editing designed to elevate the entire package. Some tell a great story, connecting memorable characters and plot moments to the songs in question. And some, well, some are just funny.

It remains to be seen whether people will still be talking about these videos by the end of the year, yet alone many years into the future. For now though, let's just enjoy these fantastic accompaniments to some banging tracks.

10. It Hurts - Enter Shikari

Sometimes, a music video doesn't have to make a great deal of sense to be epic.

British group Enter Shikari proved that when they released the promo for their song It Hurts in February 2023. It Hurts comes from the band's seventh album A Kiss for the Whole World, which became the outfit's first record to top the UK charts.

No pressure, then.

The video starts off with footage of someone's foot on an old TV. It turns out this isn't the only weird thing going on, as the video explodes into a sequence of non-sequiturs.

The camera pans around what seems to be a large warehouse, showing viewers a variety of bizarre scenes.

A band member is playing the drums whilst someone uses a leaf blower on them; a man conducts an invisible orchestra from atop a step-ladder; some sort of fortune teller holds a fish in a bowl up to the light.

Bonkers, all of it.

There's a dark undertone to this video, as all the characters drop dead throughout the runtime. It's a really unique short film, but were you expecting anything less from this lot?


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