10 Best Rock Music Videos Of The 1990s

Some choice cuts from one the best decades ever for great music videos.

Criminal music vid

The 1990s - a time where the worst thing a teenager could be was bored; a time where Bill Clinton played the saxophone on late night television; a time where 50% of the world's main ambition was to learn how to do an ollie.

In short, the 1990s were a strange time.

Rock music was having an absolute field day in the decade. Hair metal was mostly gone, replaced by the tri-force of nu metal, pop punk, and whatever the hell Tool were up to.

The genre was still a really big deal, both culturally and commercially. So, it should come as no surprise that the 1990s were responsible for some of the greatest music videos that world of rock and metal have ever seen.

From high-concept short movies to silly parodies to industry-shifting imagery, the decade had it all and these videos are still amongst the most cherished and discussed to this very day.

We've probably missed at least one of your favourites off this list, such was the size of the pool, but please don't get too 90s with your response.

Aka, don't chuck bricks through our windows.

10. Sabotage - Beastie Boys

Though the Beastie Boys had been around since the late 70s and had toured with Madonna in 1985, their three 90s albums all entered the top ten, all went Platinum, and one of them even cured the common cold.

Ok, that was a lie, but it honestly felt like the band could have done that if they'd wanted to.

Alongside a trio of mega-successful albums, the group also found success with singles like Intergalactic, Alive, and the subject of this entry, 1994's Sabotage.

The track isn't just a banger that still ranks among their best songs ever, it also gave the world an utterly hilarious music video depicting MCA, Mike D, Ad-Rock, and DJ Hurricane as cast members of a fictional police show.

Cue shots of the band jumping between rooftops, fighting baddies, and driving cars very fast all whilst wearing ludicrously-fake moustaches and wigs.

It's a loving rib on old shows like Hawaii Five-O and Starsky and Hutch with a style of parody humour that wouldn't look amiss on an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

A very funny video from some of the funniest guys in music at the time.

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