10 Best Songs By The 1975

Will any songs from Notes On A Conditional Form make it into the top 10?


George Daniel, Adam Hann, Matty Healy, and Ross MacDonald formed a band in their early teens and underwent a number of name changes before they eventually settled on The 1975.

Their early EPs mixed indie rock with ambient-style electronics and are still hugely popular amongst the core fanbase. These EPs helped them to gain plenty of exposure, and as such, their self-titled debut was a huge success.

Their sophomore effort was much bolder, however. The 1975 played with a lot more genres and the songs were often longer and less predictable. The band’s experimentation increased still further with subsequent releases. A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships was very well-received and was praised for being diverse as well as thematically focused. Whilst their most recent album – Notes On A Conditional Form – was a bit too experimental, it still contained some of the band’s best material.

Despite how strange The 1975 are, however, they’re currently one of the biggest bands on the planet. Given such popularity, they’ve certainly had their fair share of criticism over the years. But even those who dislike The 1975 can’t deny they’re one of the more interesting pop acts to emerge in the last decade…

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