10 Best Stereophonics Songs

9. More Life in a Tramp's Vest - Word Gets Around

A running theme throughout the band's debut album, Word Gets Around, is the village of Cwmaman, with most of the album's content focusing on people, places and events that the band witnessed growing up there.

Case in point: More Life in a Tramp's Vest, which is sung from the perspective of a market stall owner as he watches the daily going-ons of the village residents from his stall. Although the premise seems a bit strange, the execution itself is fantastic.

An upbeat burst of energy, the song is a memorable addition to the Stereophonics' debut album, with captivating choruses as well as verses that effectively embody the premise of the song excellently. Distorted guitars and a vibrant rhythm section combine for a song that is nothing short of catchy.

Over the course of two minutes, the Stereophonics are able to exhibit the heart and power that make them such an enjoyable act to listen to. This is just one of many songs that express the liveliness of the band. As well as their love for Wales.


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