10 Biggest Album Flops In Rock History

Swing and a miss.


Any artist wants to put their lifesblood into every record they make. No matter how hard it takes to actually produce your final record, you always want to make sure the music that what you left behind reaches an audience in a way that nothing else has. You can put your blood on the pages, but that doesn't really guarantee that the public is going to appreciate it.

Even with the best of intentions, these albums by some of rock's greatest artists have met a deaf ear on more than one occasion. Instead of finding a good groove to settle into for their respective projects, these songs end up sounding either lifeless, lethargic, or just confusing to the average listener.

Some of these albums may have even been good on the surface, but the execution got in the way, whether it be the label's fault for rush-releasing it or the band taking on a new direction that didn't make the best first impression.

It's important for bands to work outside of their wheelhouse from time to time, but these were the swings for the fences that no one end up caring about. There's still a few things salvageable in here, but it's not necessarily going to be the next classic or anything either.

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