10 Biggest Bands That Got Boo'd Off The Stage

9. Guns N Roses

A lot of people think that no one can touch you once your band makes it to arena status. Since you've already conquered the dive bar crowd, the fact that you have millions of people waiting to get into your show puts you on another entertaining level entirely. Then again, you still have to entertain the audience if you want to stay in their good favors.

Midway through the colossal Use Your Illusion tour, Guns N Roses went out with Metallica in Montreal when James Hetfield was badly burned in a pyrotechnic malfunction. No matter...Guns can easily come up and save the day...except Axl had a sore throat. About 5 songs into the set, Rose cut his own set short complaining of problems with the monitor, which sent the Canadian crowd into a frenzy once they got off the stage .

Shortchanged by the lack of a full show from either band, Guns weren't even allowed to go onstage afterwards, with members of the crowd storming into the grandstands and some managing to rip up the bolted down seats and throwing them onstage. While not the first time upsetting an audience, this was by far the most dangerous for Guns, leading to a full on riot that police had to be called in to quell. As much as a hard rock show is meant to be a good time, this is the perfect example of how quickly it can change into absolute mayhem.

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