10 Biggest Bands That Got Boo'd Off The Stage

8. Bad Religion

It's always perfectly healthy for bands to switch up their sounds every once in a while. Even though you might feel like you hit upon a winning formula, there's always that itch to stretch it into something much bigger that you did back when you were young and hungry. At the same time, it's also perfectly understandable for the audience to tear it to shreds like they did with Bad Religion.

When making their sophomore album Into the Unknown, the hard core punk mainstays decided to pull a bait and switch on their audience, making a bright synthpop record that was more in line with '70s prog. This wasn't just some gradual shift either, with half of the band quitting in protest and the rest of the band continuing on without them. So how bad did it go? Let's put it this way: there's only one known live performance of these songs on record.

Not recorded live mind you, just one time when the band actually played these tunes. Apparently the crowd response went so poorly that Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz never played any of the songs from this period live ever again. While Into the Unknown is by no means a misunderstood masterpiece or anything, the fact that they treat it as a joke in their catalog nowadays might be just a little bit of overexaggeration.

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