10 Biggest Drop-offs In Rock History

The Slow Trail Back Down.

Oasis Do You Know What I Mean

When musicians are on top of the world, you don't tend to think of the downward spiral. Compared to the usual highs that come with having your album in the charts, it's better to go with the flow and ride the wave of success for as long as it will take you. Then again, it might be going so well that you don't realize the brick wall you're about to run into.

As much as some of these artists made phenomenal records for their time, these are the tracks that brought them back down to Earth in the worst way possible. Going from some of the classics of the genre, these records ended up sinking like a stone when they were released, not having nearly the amount of personality of their earlier records. Hell, in the worst case scenario, you have some instances where bands almost lose their identity entirely, instead trying to wear the latest trends like a mask and coax off the goodwill of their new fanbase.

For as much as their early work might have been great, these albums are proof that goodwill can only take you so far in this industry. In this case, we're not mad...we're just disappointed, which is almost a thousand times worse.

10. The 1975

It really hurts to put one of the most defining artists of the modern age of pop rock on a list like this. Back in 2013, hearing the 1975's debut for the first time felt so fresh, albeit with their own sense of retro throwback and synth heavy sound on songs like Chocolate and Sex. Once they got that taste of fame, it seemed that they found more time to screw around than give us actual good songs.

Despite the obvious Radiohead pastiches going on on the album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, you could tell that the guys were really starting to expand upon their sound and capture moments of emotion on songs like Sincerity is Scary. As the rollout for Notes on a Conditional Form kept coming in though, the track list kept expanding...and expanding...and expanding so far it was nearly a mile before the record even came out.

Outside of some genuine highlights like Me and You Together Song and Guys, Notes on a Conditional Form is both everything right and wrong about the 1975 in one album, with great songs that have virtually no flow due to the massive amount of interlude tracks. It's possible for the lads to make a comeback of sorts, but given how many artists are beating them at their own game, they have got their work cut out for them.

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