10 Biggest Hard Rock & Metal Gigs Of All Time

The most stunning rock crowds ever...

Blackened Records

Generations of rock musicians have revelled in bringing their songs to life in the studio. As opposed to being road dogs, countless acts have put the love and care into their songs to make them masterpieces of the recorded medium. On the other hand, if you want to get a glimpse as to how powerful hard rock can get, one need look only to the live stage.

Instead of the studio trickery, these gigs have provided uncut hours of glorious rock music that seemed to shake the music world. These are often viewed as once in a lifetime gigs for these artists, where there seems to be an unending sea of people as far as the eye can see. Rather than being a bunch of rowdy fans, the audience seems to gel into a living breathing entity as they feed off the energy of the great musical beasts in front of them.

These events also offer a bit of validation for fans of heavy music around the world. Even if these bands' songs aren't played on the radio 24/7, the amount of people they can inspire proved that hard rock and metal are far from niche and are able to touch any strip of music lover.


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