10 Biggest Sell Out Albums In Hard Rock Music History

8. One More Light - Linkin Park

In the early 2010’s, it looked like Linkin Park was going to be more than just your typical nu metal band. Even though A Thousand Suns may have marginalized some of the fans, you could hear them aiming for something much more elaborate, which eventually exploded when they reached The Hunting Party. They had finally become the seasoned metal gods that they had listened to as kids…so naturally that meant it was time to switch it up one more time.

During the leadup to One More Light, Mike Shinoda had talked about this kind of record for his kids, and it really sounds like it in more ways than one. Compared to the kind of savage assault we got just one record before, One More Light is the sound of Linkin Park jumping head first into the world of pop music, with songs like Halfway Right and Talking to Myself sounding like something that you would find on the “experimental” side of an Ed Sheeran project.

While it’s not short on a few heartfelt moments like the title track and Nobody Can Save Me, fans were not too happy about the shift to something new, wanting to hear the same kind of hungry band that they met back on Hybrid Theory and thought were reinvigorated the last few years. Though this may have been an interesting sonic shift, it wasn’t one LP could capitalize on that much, with Chester Bennington passing away just a few months after the record was released. After a loss like that, it’s up to Linkin Park to decide whether or not they want to keep going, and it’s anyone’s guess if they’ll come back down this road or not.

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