10 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries In Rock Music History

9. Songs From the Black Hole

The legacy of Weezer’s second studio album Pinkerton has been a bit convoluted to say the least. After their amazing debut became one of the biggest overnight successes of the ‘90s, this darker companion piece was not taken well at the time, before becoming one of the most underrated albums of the ‘90s when it saw a resurgence in the next decade. For all of the scorn that it got back in the day, it actually wasn’t the record we were supposed to get.

As Rivers Cuomo decided to lay low studying at Harvard University, his follow up to the first album was supposed to be a concept album about space travel called Songs From the Black Hole, with different songs about love and sci-fi to pair with it. Once bassist Matt Sharp did something similar with his own band The Rentals, Rivers decided to scrap almost the entire project and make something else from scratch, getting more in tune with his personal side and mustering the courage to actually put his feelings down on record on songs like El Scorcho and Across the Sea.

Even though Pinkerton ended up being one of the best albums of its time, we still haven’t gotten so much as a track listing of what the original version of Songs From the Black Hole was supposed to be, with songs like Tired of Sex and Getchoo being speculated as having some connections to the original concept. Considering that Rivers has a bit of a complicated relationship with Pinkerton though, it might not be the best idea to go back down that rabbit hole to get the full sci-fi nerd rock experience.

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