10 Biggest WTF Moments In '80s Rock Music

8. Long Night At Wrong Beach

Eagles - who are rather annoyingly not officially called The Eagles - don't seem like the sort of band to cause trouble.

They look like the kind of guys you can imagine winding down after a day in the studio with a nice cup of tea, a quick round of Scrabble, and then it's off to bed before 9:30pm to get a good night's sleep.

That's not how it was at this concert in 1980 though.

Tensions in the group had been mounting for some time ahead of this political benefit show in Long Beach, California. An off-handed remark from Don Felder towards a Senator's wife really got under Glenn Frey's skin, and it was on.

As the band were playing, the two members took time out to tell each other just how much they were going to beat each other up backstage. At one point, Felder reportedly said "Only three more songs until I kick your ass, pal."

This was all onstage, in front of a crowd of people, at a gig raising money for a Senator's re-election!

The irony of this coming from a band who had a song called "Take It Easy" is beautiful.


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