10 Biggest WTF Moments In '80s Rock Music

9. Keef’s Guitar Attack

If anyone has the secret to eternal life, then chances are it's Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

He's been through things in his existence that would have killed any normal man a dozen times over and yet he's still with us and, surprisingly, still pretty coherent.

So, why anyone thought it would be a good idea to run onstage with this immortal being is totally beyond us.

On December 18th 1981, a fan stormed the stage at a Stones concert in Hampton, West Virginia. Noticing that he was ahead of the security team, Richards took matters into his own hands and dealt with the intruder himself.

How did he do this? By taking off his guitar and smacking the guy repeatedly until he was escorted away.

Outside of the visual of a famous musician using his instrument as a weapon like he was a character in Brutal Legend, this moment is also insane because Keith goes straight back to playing (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.

The guitar isn't even out of tune!

If you needed any further proof that Richards is not of this Earth, then here it is.


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