10 Bizarrely Specific Music Genres You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Obscure taste in music? You've heard nothing yet.

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Name a band, any band. Chances are they€™ll have been influenced by another band, who in turn have stolen ideas from someone else. It€™s not easy being original in any creative format: art, music, literature... as it€™s pretty much all been done before. Music is central to every culture, existing for countless centuries in a diverse range of formats and elements that make up specific genres. Jazz can be broken down into soul jazz, bebop, and even jazz rap; however at one point it was called syncopation, then ragtime, then blues, and then swing.

It€™s only natural, with this endless supply of sub-genres, that musicians will constantly strive for complete originality and that€™s exactly what€™s happened.

More and more people are amalgamating the musical equivalents of chalk and cheese to create some highly unique, and quite often, unnerving music. Add €œcore€ to the end of any noun and you can basically make a new alternative genre; which is pretty evidently the exact thing most of these bands do. Imagine a bunch of mates get really high watching Breaking Bad one night and decide it would be a genius idea to start a Methcore band (which it would), complete with Heisenberg get-ups. Their terrible video then takes Youtube by storm, more people latch onto the new sound, and the wonder of Methcore becomes an official genre. (Unfortunately, this particular group does not exist, alas gap in the market?)

What follows are ten weird, wild and epically obscure sub-genres you may not have heard of. Who knows, one may just tickle your ear buds and become your new favourite band. Or, you know, not.

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