10 Blatantly Unfinished Rock Albums (That Were Released Anyway)

Sounds of First Drafts.

You Me At Six Night People

It's a small miracle that any rock album sees the light of day to begin with. Even if you've put everything you can into making your songs come to life, every album that gets heralded as a classic sometimes feels more like a happy accident than anything else. If you're human, you have to deal with the best you have to work with.

Based on that title though, does that mean that these artists were just doing the bare minimum for these records? Hell no. In fact, there are a lot of amazing songs and a few unique ideas spread across every single one of these albums. No...the real problem is not getting everyone to come together, leaving many of the tracks to be unfinished or sounding like they needed one or two more rewrites before making a final mix.

Every so often though, there are some artists that prefer to release their album this way, feeling like it fits much better with their aesthetic to make something that sounds like it's falling apart. And it's not like they're necessarily wrong in thinking that either. There are far too many people trying to make the next Dark Side of the Moon, but it's sometimes more fun to show your audience that you're not always perfect.

10. Be Here Now - Oasis

You couldn't imagine another album that was more hyped up in recent memory more than Be Here Now. After coming off of two of the biggest records of the '90s, it looked like Oasis could do no wrong and were guaranteed to become the next legendary rock band alongside their heroes like the Beatles and The Stones. If only someone had to Noel Gallagher to lay off some of the effects though.

Even with its amazing reception when it was released, Be Here Now is a lot more rough around the edges than you probably remember. It's not that these songs aren't done...they are the exact opposite. Given all of the overdubs across every single track, it sounds less like the fun Mancunian band that we got to know and a lot more like them trying to write their next masterpiece.

While people have chalked this disaster up to them trying to outdo themselves, Noel has been upfront about this entire project being the end result of them burning themselves out on drugs and putting one guitar solo on top of another just because they can. If time has taught us anything, it's that just because you can doesn't necessarily mean that you should. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time that we accept that this is the Britpop equivalent to Chinese Democracy: a labor of love...but miles away from being a finished product.

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