10 Blatantly Unfinished Rock Albums (That Were Released Anyway)

9. Steal This Album! - System Of A Down

In the age of the Internet, nobody is safe from hackers anymore. Even if you're one of the biggest power players in the industry, you can easily find your social media getting hacked or having to deal with some sort of identity theft. When you apply that to the music world though, things can get a lot more interesting for the hype machine.

After breaking down the doors for alternative metal with Toxicity, System of a Down went back into the studio to try and outdo themselves for their next outing. All seemed to be going great, until they found out that over half of the tracks they made were being played all over the Internet. Under the name Toxicity II, most of the songs off of Steal This Album were leaked months ahead of time.

So what did System do? They just rolled with it, slapping together a random cover and even putting the cheeky name Steal This Album! on there to acknowledge the promotional nightmare that was about to come their way. For any music executive, this is the kind of nightmare that you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy. By the time that System got their record out though, they ended up looking like true veterans of the music world.

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