10 Breakout Indie-Rock Stars Of 2019's Summer Festival Season

Where did these lot come from?

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Who doesn't love a good festival? So many artists, so many stages, so little time. It's the perfect excuse to dance (or, depending on the act, mosh) around in increasingly muddier fields to your heart's content, if you can get through the camping that is.

Let's face it though, no one really knows everyone who's playing. So while we're all there for the headliners, going back and forth between tents and stages watching artists you may or may not have heard of is an integral part of the festival culture. Unfortunately, going in blind may mean you end up watching some, let's say questionable, acts. And yeah, we've all been there.

However, one of the best parts of the festival experience is having your socks completely knocked off by someone previously off your radar, prompting you to have their songs on repeat on the long journey home. In fact, the summer festival season is the best opportunity for potential up-and-comers to showcase their talent in front of swaths of music fans. Because of this, it's common for artists to go from zero to indie-rock hero in the space of a few short months.

2019 was certainly no different. So, to ease some of those post-festival blues, here's a look at some of the newly knighted big players.

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