10 Celebs Who Survived Shocking Assassination Attempts

8. Bjork

William Conran/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Bjork became the would-be-victim of a murder plot after obsessed fan and racist, Ricardo Lopez, became angered by Bjork's relationship with fellow musician Goldie. Prior to hatching this plot, Lopez created art to honour Bjork and wrote in his diary that he desired to be her best friend (along with details of his murderous and suicidal thoughts).

Lopez's first plan to murder Bjork was to make a bomb full of HIV-infected needles and send this to the singer. When this plan failed he instead hollowed out a book, placing an acid bomb inside.

In September 1996 Lopez placed the bomb in the mail, addressing it to Bjork's London residence. Following this he then shot himself on camera while Bjork's music played in the background.

Police discovered Lopez's body a few days later and were luckily quick enough to intercept the package before it harmed Bjork or anyone else.

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