10 Cheesiest Music Videos Of The 80s

9. I'm Still Standing - Elton John

Anyone who made a killing back in the '70s probably rues the day that MTV became the biggest thing in the world. Aside from just having to worry about the marketing scheme behind rock music, the less photogenic artists of the golden age of rock and roll couldn't really hang next to the Madonnas of the world. Though Elton John managed it OK, it wasn't necessarily the smoothest of transitions if I'm Still Standing is any indication.

Having all of the spunk of his early years, the actual tune behind I'm Still Standing is still one of Elton's greatest later period songs, only to be put into lame territory by the dramatic video of him frolicking on the beach. Though a song like this does warrant a cause for celebration at beating the odds, the random extras in neon colors makes for an odd pairing, even when put next to a guy known for dawning outrageous outfits onstage.

Having just as much cheesiness as the early days, this is an '80s music video with one foot placed firmly back in the '70s. It's also no surprise that Elton said that he was hammered during most of the shoot for this video as well. Then again, you might need a few if you want to make anything from this video actually make sense.


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