10 Classic Albums That NO ONE CARED ABOUT

Sweet Sound of...Indifference.

McCartney RAM

The idea of a classic album normally comes down to a record that stops the clock. Regardless of what genre or even timeframe it existed in, these are the records that completely changed the musical landscape as we know it and made us all stop dead in our tracks to listen to them. In theory, yes. In practice...not so much.

As much as these records may have been celebrated to the moon and back now, these were originally just looked at as okay when they were released. Oh...the fans may have liked it....it just took a hot second for the rest of us to figure out what the hell we were really listening to. Hell, it wasn't all that uncommon for these records to originally receive some hate in their time, with the regular fanbase thinking it was a bit too much in one direction or just not worth your time at all.

It seems that the artists have had the last laugh though, seeing how most of these records went from hated to accepted to some of the greatest works of their respective generations. Though some of them may not have worked out in the moment, these are the records that prove that the glow-up is definitely worth it.

10. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

The idea of Black Sabbath coming through in the early '70s still feels mindboggling even today. Though there were some heavy acts like Led Zeppelin making the rounds in England around the same time, having the genesis of heavy music concentrated in this secure of a package was surely to ignite the fire for legions of bands to follow. You would think so...just not in 1970 though.

During the entire making of Sabbath's debut, it felt like no one even gave a damn as to whether they succeeded or failed either way. Being the workhorse band that they were, it didn't even feel like Sabbath themselves saw that much in their first outing, seeing how they did nothing to touch up the mistakes. Even when being interviewed about it, Tony Iommi claimed the album was done in just a couple of hours because the band had to go to another gig in Germany the next day.

Once the rest of the world caught on, the fact that it was even in the charts was puzzling to everyone, with Geezer Butler even wondering if there was another band named Black Sabbath that they hadn't heard of. It was all theirs though...and the metal community was bound to come calling in the next few years.

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