10 Classic Rock Albums With Only One Bad Song

So Close to Perfection.

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Most of the great albums from the '70s and '80s are called classic rock for a reason. After years of being some of the greatest music ever made, a lot of this material has aged amazingly well and will continue to be the blueprint for how rock bands should sound going forward. Then again, that doesn't mean that everything these bands have done has been absolutely stellar.

Across some of the best albums ever made, there are always those handful of tracks that can just be considered....there. While they are accounted for and they take up space in the actual album, these are the tracks that are either too boring to really care about or too annoying to be considered equal to the rest of the record.

Hell, in some of the worst cases, these are the songs that have the potential to suck you out of the album entirely and forget everything you were doing. Whereas the perfect rock albums manage to retain your attention from front to back, these are the tracks that are memorable for all the wrong reasons, with most people not mentioning them at all in the best-of collections of the group. Whenever you find these songs on a playlist, you cannot hit that skip button fast enough.

10. Inside - Van Halen 

You can practically count on one hand the amount of bands that were actually able to survive losing their lead singer. Outside of the people that try and fail to rekindle the magic like Motley Crue or INXS, Van Halen proved that they were going to be around even without David Lee Roth once 5150 introduced Sam Halen to world with Mr. Hagar. That doesn't mean that you need to drop the ball at the last second though.

That's really being too hard on the song Inside. Compared to the other horrible stuff on this list, this is still at least a coherent piece of music, taking the little bits and pieces that they had for a song and making it into a droning little piece to close out the record. When you look at the rest of the stuff that it's up against though, it just doesn't compare.

Considering this is the album that also has songs like Dreams and Why Cant This Be Love?, why did they have to just pad out the last track on this album with what sounds like the guys just messing around in the studio? Don't get me wrong. We're all happy that you guys had fun in the studio while making this, but can you do us a favor and leave the actual antics off the proper album?


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