10 Classic Rock Albums With Only One Bad Song

9. Magic Touch - Aerosmith

After years of being down and out, Permanent Vacation firmly positioned Aerosmith back on the upswing again. Since most of their non Joe Perry albums were lackluster and their first reunion album met a deaf ear, this is where they started working with Desmond Child and created absolute magic with songs like Angel and Rag Doll. When you have a formula that works though, you sometimes come dangerously close to repeating yourself.

Although there's nothing wrong with Magic Touch as a track, there's no real reason for a band like Aerosmith to be singing it. This is one of the songs that was written with Desmond Child, and you can tell that he's recycling from his old ideas on this one. From the paint by numbers chorus to the same theme of a lover who's got a hold on you, you could find a dozen of songs like this across any hair metal album in 1987.

If you didn't know any better, this sounds like something that would come from a Bon Jovi rehearsal. And not something that was good either...this is the kind of stuff that wouldn't even make the Slippery When Wet era of Bon Jovi. It's nice to have Aerosmith back in full force, so why did you have to throw a knife into the equation on this one?


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