10 Classic Rock Songs That Push The 7-Minute Mark

No stairways, Layla's or free birds to be found here!

10bowienirvanasong2 Gif Classic rock music and songs whose length clock in around the ten minute mark go hand in hand, but don€™t worry dear reader, this isn€™t a rehash of anything Rolling Stone comes up with. No stairways to heaven, Layla€™s or free birds are going to be found here, while Rush and Yes are nowhere to be seen €“ promise. Instead, we€™re going to dig a little deeper into the world of classic rock and pick the not-so-obvious over the overly played. Let's go back to a time when a near-album side-length song constituted a hit record. Back then, in the 1970's, you were never really taken seriously by concert-goers, record-buyers or music critics unless you at least attempted some form of extended jam. Unfortunately, many artists were prone to doing just that - a jam instead of a song. It didn't matter what genre you found yourself playing, who you were playing with, or even how long you'd play it for - so long as it neared the double figures, you'd have the power to command your audience, your peers and your critics, even if just for a short time. Let's have a look then at the best examples of these commands, the ones that perhaps defined the era they were released in.

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