10 Classic Rock Songs That Were Made Out Of Spite

9. Piggy - Nine Inch Nails

Just from a sonic standpoint, Trent Reznor seems like a guy that you don't want to get riled up. From the minute that the man started spitting venom on songs like Head Like a Hole, this was the kind of music that was designed to peel the flesh off your bones if you weren't careful. So imagine the kind of anger that he must feel when he has to direct it at one of his closest friends.

Before Nine Inch Nails became Trent's outfit, it felt more like a band situation on Pretty Hate Machine, with Richard Patrick being his right hand in the group. As the band decided to push further and further though, Patrick thought that he needed to stretch as an artist and decided to form the band Filter, leaving Nine Inch Nails behind. While it originally looked like they were parting in a calm manner, The Downward Spiral gave us Trent's real feelings on the song Piggy.

Being the nickname that Patrick was called during his time with the band, the whole song feels like some strange power trip that Trent is envisioning in his brain, trying to manipulate the pig to do his every whim and no one being able to stop him. Compared to the raw sonic blast that hit you in the early days, Trent has a specific target in mind on this song and is out for blood.


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