10 Classic Songs That Aren't As Serious As You Think

Reading a LITTLE Too Much Into It.

Metallica And Justice For All

When it comes to lyrics, most people tend to wear their heart on their sleeve. No matter what kind of setback they may encounter in life, the best lyricists of all time have tried to put the best they can into each song they write. However, there comes a point where you just want to have some fun every now and again.

Instead of slogging it out by tearing into their soul, these legends of the music industry chose to tone it down a bit for these lyric sheets. While the actual song construction hasn't changed for these tunes, you can tell that there's a lot of tongue in cheek humor once you have the words in front of you. Compared to the track record you've known from these artists, these can get downright funny once you know what they're actually about. Hell, some of them aren't even funny by design, instead being the little bit of sophomoric humor coming from the band themselves.

The best cases though involve the tough guys of the music world getting taken down a peg, showing that they aren't always the neanderthals we know them to be. They may have came here with a goal in mind, but the actual songs on display don't really have the deepest of meanings.

10. Roxanne - The Police

After the punk movement started to fade out of shape, the public were really ready for something like the Police. Off the strength of Outlandos D'amour, people began to realize that maybe rock stars that actually looked like grown ups might actually be a worthwhile pursuit, with Sting having just as much professionalism as he did uninhibited showmanship. That does not always extend to the lyrics department though.

Over the years, many people have disputed the origins of the song Roxanne, which many believe to be about a prostitute that Sting is looking down upon. Though the chorus of putting on the red light is pretty cut and dry, there's always been the common belief that this was a real story about how Sting started to have relations with this woman and that he broke her heart.

Yeah...no. Other than the few shenanigans happening behind the scenes while recording the song, this is still just a straightforward song about a girl going around town trying to make ends meet as a hooker, not unlike the upscale call girl that we met in Queen's Killer Queen from just a few years earlier. While Sting has written his fair share of love songs over the years, it's safe to say that this one really isn't one of them.

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