10 Classic Songs That Aren't As Serious As You Think

9. Wooden Jesus - Temple of the Dog

Most of the grunge faithful had to have a bit of an education before going into a project like Temple of the Dog. While the supergroup credentials from the likes of both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were firmly intact, this was just meant to be a somber side project to commemorate the memory of fallen frontman Andy Wood of Mother Love Bone. Even though you can hear that pain on display on songs like Say Hello 2 Heaven, not every song really needed to be aces from back to front.

Going for a much more playful mood, Wooden Jesus almost has no relation to spirituality of any kind. Though Chris Cornell's vocals are still in prime form, what many would think of to be an allusion to artificial religion is really just the result of Cornell singing about some religious items that he received in the mail, where he disputes if they came from such places as Taiwan or not.

Almost as if to hammer that point home, there is also some genuine wood block percussion going throughout the track, giving a more organic vibe to the instruments around it at every turn. Confronting death is never an easy task at the best of times, but it's nice to know that times like these weren't always dour and depressing.

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