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Nothing in the music business can really be called completely original anymore. The phrase has always been that it takes a professional to borrow, but a genius to steal something in the rock industry. And since Noel Gallagher likes to keep himself in the company of geniuses, well, you can see where this is going.

Throughout all of Oasis' tenure, Noel hasn't been shy about drawing from his influences, whether it's lifting a lyric from a Beatles tune or referencing them by name. These are a little more serious this time around though, since Noel ended up taking bits and pieces from songs and just inserting them into an Oasis tune without a care in the world.

Compared to the occasional lift here and there though, there's practically a gold mine of songs that Noel has been directly inspired by over the years, with homages to specific titles or melodies that sound extremely similar.

As much as you would call it lazy on his part, there is a strange sense of arrogance that comes with these songs that only someone like the Gallagher Brothers could pull off.

10. My Sweet Lord - George Harrison

Not every one of these songs are built the same.

For the most part, Supersonic does seem mostly original, given that most of the song was just written on the fly by Noel when the band was recording. He did seem to slack off when it came time to make that guitar part, however, with it being extremely similar to the opening of My Sweet Lord by George Harrison. From Noel's perspective, this was completely involuntary, saying that that riff just came to him when he was playing rather than being premeditated.

If you move both of these songs into the same key though, the guitar parts are undeniably similar, with Harrison's version just having a different guitar harmony added into the mix.

Any similarities to this track in particular are a bit ironic though, since Harrison himself was called out for plagiarism for My Sweet Lord from the writers of He's So Fine by the Chiffons.

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