10 Controversial Reasons Nickelback Are Actually Awesome

10. Their Music Videos Are Fun

http://youtu.be/YbP1K-bQB6g A music video is just one chance for a band to really make an impression on their audience by putting a visual aid to their song and this is one area of their career where Nickelback seems to consistently shine. Nickelback has perhaps never shined brighter though then in this clip for one of their songs entitled "This Afternoon." What other band is going to give you a video featuring almost naked women partying and drinking in a pool set to a song about partying with your friends? Oh and as if that's not enough to convince you they're awesome, Chad Kroeger at one point manages to give an epic fist bump to an extra in the video! Even if you want to make fun of them for this video you don't have to worry about it because they get it out of the way in the first 30 seconds by making fun of themselves.
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