10 Coolest Women In Music Right Now

Girl Power in music today is blowing the boys out of the water, telling stories that are more compelling and realistic with more individuality, imagination and style.

When the Spice Girls proclaimed they invented 'Girl Power' in 1996, for about three seconds it seemed like a radical progression in music. However the reality was far from revolutionary - some very average records, a godawful film, and the pinching of Prince Charles' bum. But there is a revolution taking place and Girl Power in music today embraces the true meaning of the words, harking back to the cool of amazing and totally free-spirited musical goddesses such as Patti Smith, Kate Bush and Debbie Harry. This resurgence has resulted in women increasingly blowing the boys out of the water when it comes to making music today, telling stories that are more compelling and realistic, with more individuality, imagination and style. However, this is not a story of globe-straddling success for all of them, whilst some of those featured here have won Brits and Grammys many of the leading female lights in music are still unforgivably under the radar. There are a variety of reasons for this, not least that in some quarters women are still expected to be sultry and demure sex objects, but the record industry and the public alike need to catch up with all of these terrific trailblazers who are writing the new rules of music. So, what makes women cool in the pop world today? Well the rules are exactly the same as they are for the boys; unbelievably great tunes, breathtakingly brilliant lyrics and a unique vision and attitude. The women are executing all of these better than the men. Whilst there isn't room to include everyone, two apparently obvious candidates - Lily Allen and Lady Gaga - don't make the cut however, the former seems more interested in Twitter than music and the latter hasn't written a decent tune in years. I would have loved to include Pussy Riot for their admirably principled stance, but cool isn't only about attitude, the music has to rock the block too and frankly their music is atrocious. Here are some of the women who are bringing feminine cool screaming back into fashion and showing the boys how it's done, but as I say, they're not all as commercially successful as they deserve to be -but hopefully that won't be the case forever. Let's start with an artist who if she was male, would be hailed as a true visionary and possibly the new Jimi Hendrix.
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