10 Coolest Women In Music Right Now

10. Anna Calvi

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo267BTLnZk No less a luminary than Brian Eno spotted this talent. Anna Calvi seemed poised to be the new PJ Harvey, a sassy storyteller who is more than a match for the boys when it comes to the dark art of mastering the guitar. But despite all the critical acclaim, superstar support and the recent release of her tremendous second album 'One Breath', she hasn't quite hit the commercial heights yet, which frankly is completely baffling. Is playing in the supposedly man's-man's world of guitars still a big ask? Well it shouldn't be. It's the quality of the music that matters, not the gender, so ignore Anna Calvi at your peril; she's an unbelievable talent who deserves your attention. Her songs deal with the depths of desire, doubt and despair, but rather than sounding morose her records are so full of energy they're incredibly uplifting, featuring lyrics of astounding intensity that tell stories of passion. Once you've heard her songs you can be sure of one thing; this is not frivolous, nor is it average, this is stunning music played by a masterful musician, singer and storyteller. Anna Calvi is wisely playing the long game, her records get better and better but it's about time the public caught up. Here's a star who is growing and shining right under our noses, despite the lack of tangible commercial success. So listen to the likes of 'Desire', Suzanne and I' or 'Eliza' immediately and share the love, you won't regret it.
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