10 Coolest Women In Music Right Now


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_S75dE7PzE Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Jenny Lee Lindberg and Stella Mozgawa - aka Warpaint - have been bubbling along under the radar for a few years now and undeservedly so. With all due respect to the ascent that Haim have made, Warpaint are approximately 12 million and 54 times more talented and rewarding; they don't follow the boy's rules at all, if anything they show the boys how it's done. Would a man deliver a line like "I'll break your heart, to keep you far from where all dangers start", in an unbelievably intense rock song? Of course not. One thing that seems to confuse a lot of people about Warpaint is that here is a group of women who don't remotely trade on their looks - their focus is completely on the music. As a result they attract an indecent amount of YouTube 'troll'-posts calling them ugly - which is frankly bizarre - but that's a symptom of the prejudices the heroines of this story are fighting against. Let's forget about people who still live in the dark ages and marvel at the the music Warpaint make. Easy listening this isn't, theirs is not an immediate sound, full of stuttering rhythms and choppy guitars but stick with it, the songs get better with each listen. One of the most wonderful things about Warpaint is that they are playing in what traditionally is very much the boys' playground - the classic four piece guitar band format, but they bring a sensuality and femininity to their playing that the boys could never ever hope to match. Warpaint are a great band in the true sense of the word, and genuine female trailblazers of the modern age.
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