10 Cover Versions No One Saw Coming

Unexpected surprises you couldn't have dreamed up.

Tainted Love When we heard that Taylor Swift had done a cover of Lose Yourself, undoubtedly one of the finest songs from Eminem's vast back catalogue, we immediately presumed it was some sort of wind-up. While usually when you hear "Taylor Swift" and "rapper" in the same sentence you jump to the conclusion that Kanye West has chucked her off the stage again, it turns out in this instance it's 100% genuine. It turns out that during an appearance on Froggy Radio the country star actually held her own pretty well while delivering her own version of Eminem's famous rap. It's not just Taylor Swift who has surprised the world by taking on a song that people mightn't have expected her to, though. This article collects together 10 of the most unexpected cover versions in recent musical history. Some of them are genre-crossing, some of them are gender-crossing, some of them are just plain inappropriate- all of them are unexpected..!

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