10 Creepiest Love Songs Ever Written

These guys really put the "ick" in romantic.

There are a lot of different ways to approach a love song. You can take the Savage Garden route, writing all of your lyrics while watching Reese Witherspoon rom-coms and pulling choruses from your elementary school diary, or you can write something a little more vague, giving listeners more room to interpret your words and make it their own. Or - and this happens less frequently, for good reason - you can set out to make everyone cringe so hard that a neck vein bursts from sheer repulsion. Of course, sometimes that happens no matter what the songwriter's intentions are. These creepy little ballads are all unsettling in various ways; whether it be from metaphors gone awry, the songwriter actively tried to emotionally scar as many listeners as they could, or just the content of the lyrics leave so much room for warped interpretations. Either way, we can't discourage you enough from using any of these songs to try to "set the mood" for a special night with you and your loved one. Unless both of you are really turned on by stalkers, spousal abuse, and pedophilia. In which case... go for it?

Jacob is a part-time contributor for WhatCulture, specializing in music, movies, and really, really dumb humor.