10 Creepiest Love Songs Ever Written

10. Bruce Springsteen - "I'm On Fire"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrpXArn3hII First of all, boss, why are you on fire? What are you on fire with? It's a metaphor, certainly, but what in the hell are you using it to describe? (It's not your genitals is it? Please say it's not your genitals.) All right, vague metaphors aside, this 1984 Springsteen track is obviously built around sexual tension. The title refers to waking up with night sweats, because his lust for this woman is so strong that it opens up every gland on his body. And he can't have her, obviously, because he's acting like an insane person:
Sometimes it's like someone took a knife, babyEdgy and dullAnd cut a six-inch valleyThrough the middle of my skull
Wait...is that supposed to be romantic? Do girls like hearing about brains being filleted? Because that would mean The Hills Have Eyes is secretly a fantastic date night movie, which just can't be true. Between that oddly horrifying imagery and the To Catch a Predator vibe he introduces the song with ("Hey little girl is your daddy home? Did he go away and leave you alone?"), it's almost unfathomable to think about how many people probably have sex to this song.

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