10 Creepiest Paranormal Events In Rock Music

Music's haunted visions.

Black Sabbath Behind the Wall of Sleep cover

People often talk about music as having a spiritual quality to it. Regardless of whether you like it or not, there's is something indefinable that happens in between the notes that feels like it is not of this world. There may be some spirits hidden away in your favorite songs, but it gets a little bit weirder when those spirits start to talk back.

As far back as the rock revolution in the '60s, plenty of artists have experienced strange events when laying down some of your favorite songs. From the weird places they recorded the material to the actual demented final tracks that were laid down, fans have been speculating as to what the whereabouts of these songs really are. Some of these may be up to urban legend status for sure, but others are still genuinely unsettling and will continue to haunt the hearts of music fans for the near-future.

You can believe what you want to believe from these songs, but at the end of the day, there are too many paranormal instances lined up for these to be known as just coincidences. Music can help bring people together, but any communication with the other side of consciousness is maybe taking it a bit too far.

10. Robert Johnson's talent

When it comes to the foundation of rock and roll, it always comes down to the blues. From the unholy sounds of metal to the standard rock and roll you hear on the radio, every musician has the same starting point that was based around some sort of blues progression. Robert Johnson has become known as a god in the blues community, but the actual source of his talent was far more sinister than anyone may have thought.

Working as a blues troubadour for most of his life, Johnson first had no real skill on his guitar, but that all changed when he ventured on the highway at night. According to legend, Johnson stood at the crossroads in the dead of night, where he was met by none other than Satan himself. Tuning his guitar for good measure, the spirit left Johnson with the instrument, after which he became one of the most respected blues guitarists on the scene.

Even though Johnson would pay back his unholy mentor on songs like Me and the Devil Blues," it didn't lead to a long career, as he died just a few years later after being poisoned by a jealous lover. Robert Johnson may have been a footnote in blues history, but the connection with something much darker than humanity has found its way into rock for years now.


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