10 Creepy Predictions In Songs That Came True

Musicians sometimes see the future...

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When you imagine the future, what do you think of? Flying cars? Hand-held teleportation devices? Perhaps just a big, smouldering crater where the earth once was, careering through space long after we’ve all moved underground to hold bare-knuckle death matches over cans of dog food? The truth is that anything is possible, and when anything is possible, things can seem quite intimidating and scary.

With that in mind, it’s probably best that we can’t see into the future, because if we could, we’d likely all just end up hiding under our duvets from now until armageddon. But it would appear that some musicians have powers that would blow the rest of our tiny minds to smithereens. Time and time again, some of the most renowned artists on the planet have predicted coming events with disconcerting accuracy, like if Nostradamus had a side hustle in writing absolute bangers.

Whether it be personal tragedy, shocking world events, or just stuff we take for granted today, here are 10 occasions when musicians were spookily on the money with their premonitions…

10. Mac Miller Predicted His Own Death

It's almost impossible now to detach Mac Miller's fame and genius from the tragedy of his life. He was quite open about his battles with drug addiction, talking particularly about how criticism of his debut album led him to abusing promethazine.

On some level, Miller seems to have been aware of his battle too, because the final music video for single "Self Care" shows him lying buried alive in a casket as part of a depiction of addiction.

Even more hauntingly, one scene shows him carving the Latin phrase "Memento mori" - "Remember you must die" - into the casket too. He died in 2018 from an accidental overdose.

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