10 Deep-Cut Alice Cooper Songs Every Rock Fan Should Check Out

The master of shock rock has more than few hidden gems throughout his gargantuan discography.

Alice Cooper Live
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From his tenure with the original Alice Cooper band, right up until his recently released twenty-first solo album, Alice Cooper has been enchanting and frightening audiences with his signature brand of horror-tinged hard-rock for an impressive fifty years now.

Songs such as Poison, School's Out, and No More Mr. Nice Guy are the gold standard for classic rock, but given that the Coop has made an impressive twenty-eight albums overall now - not including the two he's made with his side-band The Hollywood Vampires - it's only natural that many of his greatest songs are buried within albums that have long since been forgotten.

With such a wealth of material to dig into, it can be difficult to know where to start but as luck would have it, we here at WhatCulture have assembled ten of the Coop's most unsung treasures for your listening pleasure.

Be you a fan of seventies glam-rock, eighties hair-metal, or turn-of-the-century industrial stompers, Alice quite literally has something for everyone. So grab those headphones, crank up the volume and get ready for a spooky good time because here are ten deep-cut Alice Cooper tracks that every rock fan should hear!

10. It's Hot Tonight

Cooper's third solo album, Lacey and Whiskey signaled a turning point for many, but most notably for Alice himself. Gone were the horror-movie theatrics and in their place was the glitz and glamour of the silver screen, all with a thick air of film noir to give it that traditional Cooper edge.

Sadly, despite this major change in direction, Lace and Whiskey is one of his more forgettable albums, full of half-baked ideas and a little more crooning than most would like. However, amongst the mish-mash of styles lies It's Hot Tonight, a jazzy little rock number that perfectly encapsulates the themes and concept of the album. The bouncy and sultry central riff is accompanied by some excellent lead playing and Cooper's simplistic lyrics set the scene perfectly. Describing a sun-baked city that's full of screaming cats and people that are completely overtaken by lust.

It may not be your typical Alice Cooper song, but the catchy riff and easy to recite lyrics have made it a firm favourite amongst his fans, and it's cropped up in his live shows a couple of times as a result.

Lace and Whiskey may be long forgotten, but It's Hot Tonight has long outlived the rest.


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