10 Disappointing Albums By Legendary Bands

8. Night in the Ruts - Aerosmith

Anyone who knew about Aerosmith's story in the '70s knew that whatever was going to come out after Draw the Line was going to be a bit of a rough listen. Even though their previous record stood out as a decent project, the band were really not taking care of themselves, getting strung out on drugs during the recording and some of the band barely even turning up at the first few sessions because of how screwed up they were. Something had to give, and Night in the Ruts was the band coaxing by on easy mode.

Since this was the last time that Joe Perry would play on an Aerosmith record for a while, you can definitely hear him slowly fading out of view, with songs like Mia being dominated by just Steven Tyler and a piano most of the time. Apart from the more ballad-esque moments though, a lot of the major Aerosmith cuts tend to sound like leftovers that weren't good enough for the last two albums, with No Surprize being just a rehashing of the story of how they got their record deal and Remember Walking in the Sand being a cover of an old teenage love song from the '60s.

Before the record was even finished though, the band had already turned to shambles, as Joe left the group after one too many arguments with Steven and the rest of the band moving on with Jimmy Crespo on guitar. The Aerosmith brand name may have existed for a little while, but the magic behind the Bad Boys From Boston felt like it was being snuffed out for good.

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