10 Disappointing Albums By Legendary Bands

9. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here - Alice in Chains

Most of the hardened grunge fans breathed a huge sigh of relief once Alice in Chains dropped Black Gives Way to Blue in 2009. As much as we were optimistic about the grunge titans coming back, replacing someone like Layne Staley wasn't going to be an easy task, and you could feel them making something that the Alice in Chains of old would have been proud to call their own. It was time to settle into something heavier though, and The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here became much more of a slog than what Alice was known for.

Although nothing about their sound has really changed on this record, the song lengths and droning riffs behind these cuts just make for a much more tiring an experience for the average listener. While the band had been known to have their brooding songs in the glory days like Sludge Factory and Rooster, these songs feel like you're working your way through a mud field in the wrong way, as one riff beats you over the head for what feels like hours.

It's no secret why this album sounds the way it does though, with Jerry Cantrell having to go through major surgery during production and even having to hum some of these riffs into existence to remember them before actually committing them to tape. If anything, having an album like this is a miracle under the circumstances, but you can tell that the band was aiming for something close to stoner rock and wound up in the boring middle ground.

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