10 Dumbest Music Videos Ever Made

Lights, Camera, Stupidity.

Arctic Monkeys Humbug Cover

Whenever you make your song into a music video, you have a bit of an opportunity here. Instead of just hearing it when the album eventually gets released, you can add just the right amount of visuals to make your song much more like an event than just something you threw together in the studio. Then again, if you think too hard about the video, you can find yourself getting really dorky really fast.

It's not like the concept of dumb music videos has a little amount to choose from. Hell, you could practically make a top 100 list of bad music videos structured around the first videos on MTV alone. Looking back on them though, there are bits and pieces from every respective generation that have turned in some pretty questionable videos in their day.

From being too basic to be called finished to being too weird to even comprehend, these have left us scratching our heads as to how the hell they even got made in the first place. There's having a cinematic vision...and then there's trying to actively confuse the listener with what you're showing. So kick back, grab yourself a drink, and serve yourself a plate of the layers upon layers of cheese found in these videos.

10. Lump - Presidents of the United States of America

If you were any band looking to make it big in the '90s, it usually paid to be a little bit weird in your presentation. Hell, even some of the few off the rails acts like Primus or Cake seemed to gain traction solely because of their strange approach to their craft, be it being Frank Zappa by way of Rush or narrating your vocals respectively. There is a line though, and the video for Lump comes dangerously close to it.

Compared to the usual setup of alt rock at the time, The Presidents of the United States of America had a lot of strange detours for their songs, which probably made this video almost make sense in an ironic way. Though the actual lyrics of this track are a bit hard to decipher, the opening line of sitting alone in a buggy marsh checked out...so why not set the entire video in there?

From the opening strains of crunch, it doesn't really feel like you're supposed to take a song like this all that seriously though, especially considering the posh suits and the goofy faces happening left and right. While you might feel bad for laughing for the first few minutes, chances are the Presidents themselves are probably laughing right along with you.

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