10 Famous Musicians Who Are High-Level Mixed Martial Artists

9. Dave Mustaine

nick jonas

Dave Mustaine is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the heavy metal band he co-founded, Megadeth. The 6-foot tall La Mesa, California product was also the original lead guitarist for Metallica.

When the 58-year-old metal head isn't writing lyrics to hits like 'Symphony of Destruction', one will likely find him training in one of the many forms of martial arts he practices. In truth, Mustaine is an extremely accomplished martial artist with a very extensive background.

The Megadeth frontman recently received a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Gracie Barra instructor Reggie Almeida.

In 2010, Mustaine earned a black belt in Ukidokan karate, which is a nine-style discipline that incorporates aspects of styles like Kung-Fu and Greco-Roman wrestling.

Last but not least, the talented guitarist also holds a black belt in Songham taekwondo.

In other words, those who decide to tangle with Dave Mustaine could very well be starting their own 'Countdown to Extinction.'


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