10 Fantastic Rock Albums That Never Got Made

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An artist can never truly give everything away. While hardcore fans are quick to call anything they do as gospel, there are always those missed opportunities that slip through the cracks even with the greatest musical minds. Although sometimes it's for the best, it's a crime that we never got to see these records come to fruition.

After spending years (if not decades) in the incubator, these records never managed to see the light of day when they were supposed to. As opposed to the usual scheduling conflict or industry snafu, these records managed to be kept in the vault by their creators, either because they don't want us to hear them or they still remain unfinished.

Judging from the snippets that we do have from these projects though, they sound like they would have been great.

That's not really our call though, with the artists themselves saying that these records either weren't right for the time or the artist in question passing away before the projects were fully realized. For all intents and purposes, there's a good chance that these songs will be kept on ice for the foreseeable or released in a completely different.

Sometimes things just fall through, but these are the albums that we never got to hear in full.

10. Jeff Buckley's 2nd Album

When looking back on the '90s rock scene, Jeff Buckley really feels like one of the artists that slipped through the cracks. With tons of potential at his disposal after his debut album Grace, hearing of his death in the late '90s due to an accidental drowning left the rest of the rock world feeling hollow. It's even more of a shame considering what he may have had coming down the pipeline.

At the time of his demise, Buckley was already well into the process of making his second record, which ended being folded once he passed. Though we do have the bare bones of what he was working on at the time on Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk, the songs on here hint at something even greater happening. While Buckley had been known to pull from the classic rock playbook, songs like Vancouver show a different side of him, almost going into a more ethereal mold than he was before.

Considering that these are out in the world already though, there's probably no chance of anyone actually going back and finishing these ideas any time soon. Still, when looking back on what Jeff had left us, it's probably better that we at least have what he gave us when he was still among the living.

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