10 Funniest Joke Songs In Rock Music

When Music Becomes Stand-Up.

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As time has gone on, rock music has always stayed a somewhat serious genre. Since you're putting a piece of your soul into the music that you play, you want to make sure that people are treating it with the respect it deserves. Then again, it's not like rockers can't find a little time to see the funny side of their job.

At the end of the day, you're still the guy with the microphone in your hand, so you can say whatever the hell is on your mind, which often results in optimal hilarity.

From the first notes of these tunes, you know you're not supposed to actually take them all that seriously, whether it's the horrible production or lyrics that feel like they were ripped straight out of a standup routine. Sometimes the jokes might not even be all that funny, but the way that the singer delivers it lands the real killing blow.

After all, rock was never supposed to be the most intellectual genre in the world, so what's wrong with a little bit of humor to lighten the mood a bit?

Even if you stand up for the more respected names in music, it's pretty difficult to make it through songs like these and not get at least a little bit of a chuckle.

10. Blood - My Chemical Romance

Emo has never been the most lighthearted of rock genres at the best of times. Hell, 9 times out 10, most lyrics coming out of these bands are normally either too dark and depressing to get a laugh or far too melodramatic that they unintentionally become funny. Every so often though, you do strike that unique balance of dark and funny on songs like Blood.

Coming right at the end of My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade, this acts as a nice little epilogue for the fate of the Patient at the end of the rock opera. Since the rest of the story side ended on a pretty big high note on Famous Last Words, this is the last little bit of dark humor, as Gerard Way sings over what sounds like the backing track of what you'd hear blaring out of an old crusty carnival.

Seeing how this is about the cold embrace of death though, everything is turned on its head at the end, as our protagonist talks about being drained of all his blood after he passes away, only to think to himself all of the awful things that he has done and what he might continue to do in the afterlife. Given that these are the same guys who brought in Liza Minnelli for the breakdown of a song like Mama, this is just the right kind of campy sendoff you could have hoped for.

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