10 Funniest Tracks In Hard Rock

When rockstars take the piss.

Blink 182 First Date

Hard rock has always been known as a slightly serious genre. While there have been more silly offshoots like hair metal, hard rock music always seems to deal with serious matters from grand stories of debauchery to mythical tales of glory. Then again, sometimes artists just have a little fun when they want to.

Though a lot of these bands have penned some of the most hard-hitting lyrics in the rock canon, there comes a time when you want to show the less serious side of what you do. Some want to let that out of their system onstage, but others tend to put it right there in the music. Across the years, there have been many albums by artists that have had joke tracks hidden among the seriousness to break up the monotony of hearing so much serious topics.

Even if some are hidden at the end of the record, these short bursts of energy show that these bands want to entertain you rather than just trip your brain with powerful rock music. The best of these are when the real meaning behind a fully formed track ends up being nothing more than a joke. Whether or not they made you laugh, these songs gave the band more character rather than just typical hard rock masterminds.

10. Dear Doctor - The Rolling Stones

Across the Rolling Stones' stellar Beggars Banquet record, the band were taking bold new leaps as to just how much emotion could be brought out of the blues. Though most of the record dealt with the seedier sides of life from Satan to street urchins, "Dear Doctor" turns tragedy into comedy in a marriage falling-out.

Taking place on the day of the wedding, the protagonist is shaking in his boots as he is getting extremely cold feet about his decision. He keeps complaining that his wife-to-be is ugly with her bow leg and he continues to drink to calm his nerves. While he keeps crying to his doctor for more meds, his mother is having none of it and demands he get on his suit immediately.

At the 11th hour though, things turn a corner. Mick Jagger's hilarious vocal affectation imitates a note from the man's fiance, as she explains that she has eloped with his cousin and run out on the wedding. Instead of the expected heartache, our protagonist is filled with impeccable joy as he doesn't need to wed and his blood pressure gets on a more even keel. Even on an album marred with dangerous characters, The Stones still had a penchant for more light-hearted material.

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