10 Funniest Tracks In Hard Rock

9. Drive My Car - The Beatles

When the Beatles got down to cutting Rubber Soul, many fans were amazed to see the Fab Four changing with the times. Even though most of the record was the group pushing the boundaries of the rock genre, the album's start was one of the group's funniest takes on R&B-flavored hard rock.

On first listen, there's doesn't really seem to be anything that amusing in the song, with Paul McCartney telling a typical story of a girl wanting to be famous. This wannabe starlet has stars in her eyes and is looking for a lover who will chauffeur her around to her more extravagant endeavors. While the singer ensures he can support her, the girl tells him that he will be much more satisfied working for her.

After much tension, the man accepts the job only to get the blunt news from his lover/employer. Turns out that this girl with grand ambitions is also down on her luck and doesn't even have a car for her mate to drive her in. In an attempt to appease her jilted chauffeur-to-be she remarks, "I've found a driver and that's a start." Being one part social satire and one part sexy rock song, "Drive My Car" is the sound of the Beatles toying with their songwriting to create something that entertains on many levels.

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