10 Good Songs That Were Made AMAZING By Their Music Video

Childish Gambino knows how to make ART...


Most of the time, a song comes out that has just the right amount of sonic presence to it. Regardless of whether it appears in video form or not, nothing can take away from the sheer impact that these tunes have on everyone who listens to them. Though it's many artists' dream to create such a powerful composition, sometimes the song can get even better if it's pushed into the visual realm.

Throughout the years, songs have come come out which had originally done fine but paled in comparison to the success of the video. Whether it was through shock value, powerful imagery, or just memes, the visual accompaniment behind these songs were just what was needed to take them over the top.

Does that mean the song was mediocre if it wasn't for the video? No, not at all. Most of these songs are all-out jams, but the insane charisma generated in the video took it that one extra mile into something classic. Some of these clips are so good than many aren't able to separate the song from the actual video. Regardless of song merit, here are a few examples of the videos that gave their songs a new life.


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