10 Great Albums By Artists People Hate

Wisps of Potential.

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It can take bands millions of years to build up hype for their projects. Once you have the crowds eating out of the palm of your hand, you can get some push back from the other side as well, with people coming forward saying that you’re not all that you’re made out to be. Every band has at least one good record in them though, and every one of these acts have come through with some great material at some point.

Before the real anti hype started to come in for all of these bands, some of their earlier work tends to get put up on a pedestal, being heralded as the moment where they had the most potential to capitalize on something. Not all of these are created the same way. For all of their talent, some of these guys ended up getting clobbered right out of the gate with hate from rock fans, only to hone their skills more and more until they came up with something that actually caught our ear.

Keep in mind, not all of these records have to be on the same level as the greatest artists of all time. These guys are still trying to figure out their sound half the time, and seeing them starting to find something that starts to click is much more encouraging than just writing them off. Whether or not they were actually trash to begin with, there’s the slight chance that you’ll walk away with one of your new favorite albums.

10. The State - Nickelback

This might seem like an oxymoron, but Nickelback might actually have been a pretty damn good rock band once upon a time. As much as their brand of butt rock has become the punching bag for a new generation of rock fans, there was a time when Chad Kroeger's monster showed some real promise for being a worthwhile rock and roll band. If you want to see that version of the band, we have to travel back to a time when songs like How You Remind Me never existed.

Before they had even signed with a major label, their first album the State was something a lot more gritty than what many people imagine Nickelback to be these days. While their foot is still firmly planted in the world of post grunge, you can tell that they're taking cues from some of the more interesting bands from around that time, including some softer moments that can give you flashbacks to bands like Days of the New.

This entire project feels like a band that hasn't fully formed yet, but with the right amount of polish and a few more years of experience honing their craft, could turn into something massive. Though we did end up getting way too much polish and some of the most wretched choruses that the rock world had ever known, it pays to go back to this record to just remind yourself of what could have been.

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